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Hello everyone!
I've just returned from my lunch at the beautifully decorated bar and cafe The Apiary in Castle Donington. The Apiary is a cute spot filled with renaissance style paintings, decorative mirrors, beautiful chandeliers and the quaintest little china crockery, not to mention the delicious gluten free cakes and mouth watering lunchtime meals.
At weekends the popular village bar has live music performed by local musicians and even the bar staff join in, the atmosphere really is great!  During the week the bar is a cute and stylish place for coffee and cake, or a nice jacket potato (bacon, brie and cranberry is my favorite ). At night on the weekends it is the perfect place for a few beers or spirit mixers with good friends and great music!
On my trip today I had a Malibu and Coke and a walnut coffee cake with cream which was so soft and had a really great flavor, my grandma had a shandy with a slice of black forest gateaux which I tasted (also delish). I love how the majority of the cakes served are gluten free and all of them are home made, I find this impressive as there are often a large variety to choose from. All of the meals are also made with fresh ingredients,many of which are locally sourced. The staff are always friendly and welcome new customers with respect and open arms, so if you're in the area or want a true taste of British tea head on up here today, you might even see me there!
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