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Hi everyone!
Today's post is a little review on Upbeat high protein dairy drink in Mango and Passion fruit flavour, made by The Good Whey Company! The good whey company are commonly known for their powdered whey protein supplements in various flavours and have introduced Upbeat as a preprepared portion of their natural product.
I bought this 250ml bottle with my lunch the other day at quite a high price of £1.85 or thereabouts, I wouldn't usually pay that much but the flavour sounded really good so I gave it a try... And I loved it!! The smooth texture of the creamy drink didn't clash with the tropical flavours and reminded me more of a smoothie than a milkshake. The fact that it was high in protein but lower in fats and sugars than other similar products on the market meant that I didn't feel guilty for treating myself as I knew it was good for both my body and my taste buds! 
The drink also helps the economy by using fresh British milk rather than wholesale milk which is sometimes imported- gross. I like my milk fresh!

The drinks are also available in Blueberry and Raspberry flavour, and if you aren't a fan of tropical tastes there is also a good old British Strawberry flavour!
I found my bottle (shown below) in my local co-op but you can read more about the company and its products and where to buy them by clicking this link to
Doesn't it look good with my spotted jumpsuit from Asda!! ;)

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Love Lucycles!