Rainy days☔

14:12 Lucy Wright 0 Comments

Ohhh the weather outside is frightful
and my wellies are delightful
since there's no place to go
blog at home, blog at home blog at home!
Yes it's a Christmas song originally and yes it's July but hey I tried!.. I really hate this weather,  it's bad for your hair, makeup, mood and twinned with the heat I am losing my mind!  So much that I put my wellies on (they're fab) and went to the shop to buy nail polish remover ( manicure photo on instagram ) and came back with everyone's childhood fave -the kinder happy hippos!!!  Honestly have never been so excited to see something for a pound in the Co-Op. I expect many people to be cowering from the storm on blogger and other social media sites today so don't forget to follow and share my blog/instagram/twitter guys! I'm a very social gal so don't be shy to ask me questions or request blog posts! It would give me something to do all day until I go for a cosy film night with a friend later!
I know this post is kinda pointless it's more of a gap filling thing with a few pictures from my morning :)
Love you lots

Drenched selfie with the happy hippos, so worth it!