Fashion| Primark and Charity haul!

22:52 Lucy Wright 0 Comments

Hello there!
Today I went into Derby city centre and poked around the shops looking for a few bargains and boy did I get some!
First up - The Primark haul!
My priority was hair accessories, I bought two floral topknot bands in peach and mint (£2 each) and as you can see they are dead cute! I got a chunky floral headband too which was only £4! Fab price compared to the £12 purple one from topshop you may have seen me wearing on instagram! 
In the makeup department I got a red lip stain pen (£1.50) which is surprisingly good, in fact even now after taking my makeup off I can still see a pink tint so in terms of lasting colour its a win, not a win on taste though I would say wear strawberry balm over it as I licked my lips and it was gross. I also decided to try out a Kohl eyeliner (£1.50)as I heard the pigment is better than a pencil,which I agree with after testing. In the picture its that black cylinder, looks like a lipstick tube more than an eyeliner but after removing the lid it has a clean twist up function which I like and definitely isn't a lipstick. 
I also picked up some eye shadow applicators (15 for £1) as I heard they are a good tool to help create gradient nail polish effects by sponging colour to your nails, I'll put a tryout of how that goes up here soon!
I forgot to take a picture with the Kohl liner but here's how bold the lipstain comes out, and it stayed like this until I took off my makeup!

The next part is the Charity shop haul!
I bought two dresses in the Derby cancer research store as I simply could not resist!
The first dress actually turned out to be a Primark dress but it caught my eye with its bold print and colour and at only £4.75 I'm still pretty sure I saved at least a couple of pounds off the RRP. 

The next dress and final purchase of my haul was possibly a goldmine in charity shop attire, the dress came from topshop which we all know is pricey, it was beautiful and classy and cost me £4.50! I paid in change, never have I bought anything topshop with change! This exited me. I really don't know what to write about this one, even my poor quality photo looks good.

I hear a lot of negative talk about the likes of Primark and certainly charity shops but really,its worth a look because you can find some really good products and not hurt your bank balance, so what if its been worn by someone else you only have to wash it and hey presto all evidence is gone! Finding those golden items can take some rummaging but I would highly recommend it. Take the topshop dress for example, originally cost way more than a fiver but here we are.

So get out there and grab a bargain while helping those who need us while we just want to buy things, I felt less guilty for certain!
Lots of love