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So recently I have seen a lot of fabulous jewellery from Galaxy Rox (click here for thier shop! ) which inspired me to do this sweet manicure. The pictures below are not fab so if you can't see ,the effect appears to have a jagged 'cut crystal'effect which is really cool!
To start with I used  Sally Hansen Diamond Strength as a base coat as it strengthens your natural nails instantly and also gives them a healthy shine after you take off your polish, well worth the high price of around £9.
For the colour I used a Rimmel London lasting colour polish in Purple Pulse. This was my choice, you can use any colour you please for this look though I have found that lighter shades like white are very subtle. These polishes are average and I expensive at around £3-4.
The Crystal effect is created using Barry M's Crystal Glaze polish,  it has hundreds of tiny clear reflective shards in the clear but slightly pink (not noticeable once applied ) polish. As part of Barry M's effects range it costs around £4 and is quite long lasting. 
To create the look simply use one coat of each polish as ordered above, use two coats of colour polish if you want a more vibrant look but don't forget about allowing drying time between each coat otherwise your Mani will gloop! If you want a smoother texture you can use another coat of Diamond Strength or any other clear topcoat at the end. 
I hope you guys like the look! Here are a few photos!

I chose a colour to match my tie dye crop top (from Ark)!

Here are what my polishes look like!

The finished do! In person the crystal glaze shards are much more visible and more like a mineral rock!