Fashion| SpyLoveBuy Summer Wishlist!

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So recently I've been browsing a few 'up and coming' brands to try and find some quaint and quirky wonders that not everyone will have seen before and one brand that really caught my eye was alternative shoe designers SpyLoveBuy ! In fact I like them so much I've created this wish list of my favourite 3 shoes in their website found here
SpyLoveBuy have a wide range of on trend designs and have totally grasped the market for flatforms, cut outs and cleated soles with both hands!
Now, onto the wish list!
Now these beauties, well just look, they have just about everything a woman could want in a shoe- the white leather look, the chunky platform heel, the cleated sole, gladiator straps and buckles!? I mean come on what more do you need other than a pastel sun dress, a big floppy hat and a cocktail to complete the look? I also love how even in photo form they just look so well made, and well made means comfy so its certainly worth a try.
You can find these shoes here

These pink holographic creepers are from the more alternative collection available on SpyLoveBuy and as a girl who likes to show a little edge to her look, I am most definitely loving these cuties! Creepers of all styles have been a godsend to punking up your look without getting that haircut you'll regret! I love these ones in particular because of their pink girly vibes twinned with the dare to be different attitude. Also the thick flatform gives a comfy sole and even a minor height boost to all the 5"2 folk out there like me! 

You can find these here

Last but certainly not least on my wish list are these magnificent contrasting heels! They have that thick black cleated sole and one of the chunkiest heels I've seen against that dainty white toe and strap making the shoe uber quirky yet still bang on trend! The round buckle reminds me of the 60's/70's eras which I love as this shoe perfectly combines retro with alternative and modern styles. 
The colours also make these a pretty versatile shoe as there's not a lot that can't be paired with black and white!

You can find these here

And that concludes my wish list, I hope you all have a look at SpyLoveBuy because they have some great stuff!

Love you lots