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Last week, me and my boyfriend took a day out in Nottingham and visited Nottingham Castle, the weather was beautiful but it was extremely hot to be walking around all day! The castle has been turned into a museum and gallery however ba large section of the gallery is currently closed, I think they're having refurbishments. So today I have compiled a group of photographs from the day to share with you and maybe they will encourage you to visit too!
I wore the new dress from my recent haul post! The ticket man said "you're dressed up a bit classy for this place aren't you?" Which I found quite amusing.
Here's my boyfriend trying to mock my posing!
I imagine this dude was turned to stone while looking at an ugly person like "dayyyum girl you got some issues right dere"
This was the panorama I took over the balcony, you can see for miles and miles!
I had some delicious rose lemonade at the arty glass table.
Yes, it's a teapot made to look like corn and I want one a lot!
"Hello tiny chair, you teeny weeny tiny chair *crack* ugh. Curse you tiny chair!"-Vector and his shrink ray
A model view of 1800's Nottingham
Taxidermy exhibit
And a final lunch at Costa:) I had peach iced tea, a chorizo panini and a raspberry and white chocolate muffin!

I hope you liked the look of the castle!

Love you lots