Melon madness!

03:23 Lucy Wright 2 Comments

Hi everyone!
So like many bloggers out there my inspiration and idol is the one and only Helen Melonlady! -blog found here!
As you may have seen in my Etsy links, I am a lover of art and so I have done a few drawings of melon, not because I'm a stalker just because she is very pretty and her style is amazing, which usually helps to make a decent picture, anyway I am posting pictures of the doodles I have done, I hope you like them! And I hope Melon likes them too!

I call this first one Mangamelon, I think its rather cute and not too bad for my first ever attempt at the art style!
This next one is my attempt at a more realistic drawing, this became very time consuming as with digital art you have to change shades manually rather than just changing the pressure on a pencil. However I am pleased with it.

Both images are made digitally using Melons photos as a base!

Lots if love


  1. Wow! Fantastic drawing. So much better than I could do; I can't draw much more than stick figures LOL. Love the style of your blog, by the way. The font can be a bit difficult to read at times in the main post body, but it definitely looks very pretty.

    Great work, I've followed your blog. Please keep it up! :)

    1. Thanks alot! And thanks for the tip I will have a look at other fonts :)