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As I have said before I am a HUGE admirer or the quirky Jewellery available at Thai company  Good After Nine. Which is why I was so exited to find out that they were sending me the gourgeous Mok CatNecklace to feature in my blog- thank you! 
The first thing I noticed is that the Thai postal service is far more reliable that Britain's, the tracking site let me view who handled my package and what they did, including " I put the bag down" being on these notes! It was also very fast considering how far away it had to come!
But that's irrelevant, we want to know about the necklace, it has a dainty yet quite long 18k gold plated chain with a cute clasp and logo tag. It is well made, in the past I have found some chains feel rough against the back of my neck but I can barely feel it with this one.
The pendant is even more fantastic than I expected, the hand painted enamel cat face is so cute and quite realistic for such a small object, I love how the nose features the gold again as does the hollowed out side of the pendant with the company name inside! I also love how is is glazed and polished to give an extra smooth and shiny surface.
I tried a few outfits on with the necklace and it fits many styles- it stands out against plain clothes such as my jumper in the photographs and it makes an adorable accent to a busier outfit.
The range at Good After Nine is incredible, with animal enamel being the main focus in ring, earring and pendant forms, it is easy to miss the hidden beauty's of the Gothic, geometric and colour blocked floral designs which are equally as stylish as any other piece and provides a vast diversity of styles to suit all!

Being a fairly hidden company, Good After Nine is hoping to reach out to buyers in Britain and Internationally via their online shop which you can find in the links I posted at the beginning of this post.
I hope you have a look and share this with your friends and followers and buy yourself something a little bit different!
Lots of love,


Jumper & Shoes: New Look
Headband & Leggings: Topshop
Necklace: Good After Nine