Round Two!

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Hello guys!
So you may have seen my post a couple weeks back about being nominated for the Liebster award by another blog, well I have just been nominated again by my good friend at ( thank you!!)
So instead of writing a post pretty much identical to the last one I am going to answer Laura's questions from her post, and link you back to the original post where you can see my questions and nominations- of course is now added to my nominated list!
So these are Laura's Liebster Questions with my answers!
1. If you were to be one Disney princess, who would you be and why? 
I think I would have to be Rapunzel, without the evil witches of course. I purely chose her because I want long hair.

2. If you were only allowed to choose between blush and lip colour, which would you choose? 
Lip colour every time.

3. Where would you most like to travel to either home or abroad? 
Abroad! I would love to travel some day.

4. What do you most like to blog about? 
I don't even know, I just like blogging. Though wish lists are quite fun to put together!

5. Who is your favourite blogger/YouTuber?

6. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I don't think you could believe it until you experience it. But that's not to say its not possible!

7. What is your favourite clothing brand? 
Hearts and Bows! Find them at Ark Clothing

8. High End vs. High Street beauty?
I'm a high street shopper, though I would most likely be lured in by high end products if I had the money for it! Trying to keep my bank card away from the new Charlotte Tilbury range is going to be a struggle. 

9. What is your staple fashion piece?
I have this purple floral garland from Topshop that I wear all the time, in fact its probably my trademark among friends. 

10. What was your worst fashion faux pas? 
I'm not a fan of 'perfect' eyebrows. Sure they need shape and structure but when you see girls with big stencilled straight lined brows its like - yeah you look amazing but you don't look real?

11. What makes you proud?
I try to make myself proud in the things I say and do, if I know I entertained, helped out, or cheered someone up I feel good about myself just like anyone else would. 

So those were the answers, I nominate and the others listed on the post here along with my own questions!
Love from Lucycles