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Hello everyone,
The time is approaching hella fast, in just a few weeks many of you will be returning to school or college, some of you may even be jumping the nest headed for University! One thing all of you will need is a killer first day look to make people go WOW that girl has style.
Personally, I am spending an extra year at college before I go to uni and to my horror, at 18 years of age I am going to have to wear a uniform!? That's not right. But I have gathered and internetted for some hot accessories and shoes, and of course I have found some good outfits for those fortunate enough to have free reign of your clothing this year ;)
First up is shoes, because I love shoes and couldn't wait to go online to SpyLoveBuy and scroll through their masses of foot fabulisers! I had quite a hard time with this, as I have to wear black or dark shoes next year and I really am not a black shoe kinda gal... I go to SpyLoveBuy regularly and make lengthy wishlists of pink shoes, tall shoes, sparkling shoes, but rarely black shoes. Of course however I did find a few quirky cuties amongst the glitter that I did fancy the look of ( all 3 pictured above )
The first pair have a vintage appeal to them, the mahogany leather type material and wooden sole are so cute, especially with those cute buckles as well! They remind me of the old films where everyone would stop off to get their shoes shined by the likes of Charlie Bucket or Oliver Twist. The second pair are simple and on trend- the cut out boot. Twinned with a pair of pastel tone laced socks these certainly fill the look of the preppy yet innocent student that everyone wants to know. Best to stick with the first pair if rains due though ;). The final pair brings a chunkier shoe, it reminds me of a vamped up and alternative vibes dolly shoe, does anyone else get what I mean by that? Imagine your old school shoes as a kid and add a bit of attitude to it and you get these bad boys. Find them here and rock your socks off!
Find the links below:
Cut Out Boot

Next up is jewellery, now the four pictured above are from one on my favourite new brands Good After Nine, based in Thailand this company creates some fantastic alternative jewellery, with a wide range of animal enamel rings, pendants and earrings! The beagle ring and cat pendant are among my faces but there is so much variety you should have no trouble finding one you love! Geometric shapes have also been a huge hit this simmer and they have the perfect gold plated geometry collection too. Some products are a tad pricey, but I assure you they are of a fab quality! 

Find your perfect accessories here:

Of course, we all need clothes! So here's a little collection I clicked together from Ark Clothing (probably my favourite shop ever)
As it's a back to school edit I had to throw some gingham in there somewhere so I have included some snazzy leggings and a cute collared dress especially for this occasion, nothing says education like a black and white checker pattern right? Top left is a floaty top for those college days were image is everything as you only have two lessons with 3 hours in between, and the gorgeous floral blazer will keep you looking sensational when the temperature begins to flop a little!
As you can see I'm still bummed about having to wear uniform next year and I don't really want to talk about clothes ;)

Links below:

Next up is bags, you can't turn up without a bag that's just silly really, at school, your bag is your rock. It hides your notes when you can't bear to look at them, it conveniently has them when you need them. It stores that bag of crisps you had forgotten about until just now when you're hungry.- your bag will always be there for you. The three I have chosen are super cute and should be quite capable of carrying everything you should need for the day. The first is a Pink backpack from MiPac these are really good, I used to have one and it lasted all year until my friends drew crude images all over its exterior... They have inner and outer pockets and pen holders for your convenience! Next is this red colour backpack I found, it has a modern satchel style but its a backpack, nifty huh? Its reinforced corners should stop paper from creasing up inside too.
Last is a beige leather look satchel with gold details, it's big enough and strong enough for your daily needs and will pair with most outfits so is surely worthy of a must buy title!
Find these bags here:

Last but certainly not least on my back to school essentials are beauty products! Everyone knows that the right look on the first day can determine your reputation for the entire year, and one beauty blunder can ruin it forever- you can be the hottest girl in the room but the moment your best friend says " hey do you remember that time you came to school orange?"- you're done for, so stay savvy!
The key to a flawless face is a long lasting yet gentle foundation that obviously suits your skin tone. I would recommend Maybelline SuperStay24 as it doesn't irritate your skin AND it lasts all day, this foundation also has SPF 10 to protect your skin against the sun! 
For me, eye-shadow is key, sultry eyes make for a killer wink, but you don't want to overdose- this is school after all. Which is why I picked the Benefit Glamorous Neutrals pallette to keep your eyes sexy yet understated with the mix of pearl and bronzed shades.
Well kept lips are more of a necessity for life rather than school but I am absolutely in love with lip stain pens right now,especially the Revlon Just Bitten range! It has so many shades which lock on to your lips after you simply glide it on and hardly budge all day and they also have a moisture balm on the other end, I like the red one but for a less vivid look there are plenty lighter tones, and plenty of brands to pick from!
I don't even have to talk about fragrance, we all know that if you wear Daisy by Marc Jacobs then you are doing something right, its sweet yet mellow and fresh, not faint but not overpowering. It is by far the best cult fragrance of the last decade and I think everyone should wear it!
Onto hair, you can do your hair however you like, just please give Aussie's Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner a try, there's a whole range of products to go with it but spritzing this stuff on after a shower or in the morning will leave your hair so strong and it will smell great too. I swear by this brand, I have never been disappointed by any products!
Finally, your back to school look wouldn't be completed without some outfit coordinated nails, which is why I picked the Essie Holiday Kit, a collection of 5 stunning mini polishes in a cute little gift box. Whether you want plain nails,colour blocking nails or maybe like myself you just have to cram as many doodles in your do as possible, this is a must have!
Find these below:

I hope you have found some inspiration for your own back to school bits wherever it is you may be headed, just remember:
 Looking great=Feeling great=Being motivated=Success!

May the next step in education be worthwhile.

Lots of love