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17:28 Lucy Wright 2 Comments

Hey guys so I just did a cute manicure and thought I would explain it to you. It's a very easy to do subtle gradient, I used pink shades, I assume it would work with other similar shade combinations,  maybe some bluey hues would look great!  I just chose pink to match my dress. Anyway to get the effects first I applied a non UV gel strength coat (Avon) and allowed drying time. This gives a smooth surface for polish and strengthens the nail!
Then I applied a line of the darker shade (Rio nail art pen in bright pink ) as if it was a French tip manicure although it does not have to be neat. If you use a nail art pen like I did I find the thin brush easier than the pen nib. 
While the first colour is still wet apply the lighter colour (I used effervescent opal by Revlon as it is a sheer colour ) over the whole nail and it mixed with the first to create a gradient, you can use more or less of either polish to change the strength of the colours!
After the colour is dry apply a top coat ,I used Sally Hansen diamond strength as it is tough against chipping and dries fast!
You should end up with a similar look to my photo below,  note that the polishes I used were thin and had a level of transparency, thick and opaque polishes may be more difficult to work with using this technique.
I hope you enjoy your nails !
Lots of love


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