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♫Do you wanna build a wishlist?
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Yes I know, It may be November still but whether you like it or not the festive season has begun, particularly for us blogger folk who have to plan style posts wayyy too early to admit! So I figured I would start this post with a song, admittedly a poorly adapted number from THAT Disney film which despite being a seasonal thing seems to have been hot topic all year- sheesh!

But yeah.. Rambling- the point being Welcome to my Wonderful Winter Wishlist inspired by the delightful range at affordable fashion site
I thought I'd do this with some sort of structure, as there are of course two sides to Christmas
The Winter Warmers and The Glam Party Dresses! As you can probably guess I shall save the best   (and by best I mean sparkly ) 'till last and start off with those all important snug essentials!

First up is this Blanket style Cape cardigan, I like to think of it as Winters answer to the Kimono. its loose and stylish but certainly looks like the perfect accessory to a hot chocolate! Also as a heads up, I cannot bring myself to include a Christmas jumper in what is meant to be a style post but if you are looking for that cringey Olaf or Reindeer kinda thing then the site also has PLENTY of those!

Dogtooth Duster CoatFaux Fur Trim Cape
Next up is "Outerwear" or as everybody else calls them- Coats. This year I personally have fallen for the Capes trend, Edna Mode from the Incredibles would disapprove but to hell with it they look nice! I particularly like this cape as it also fulfills my love of fur- always faux of course I do love animals! I have also picked the Gingham duster coat as it looks stylish, smart and warm, the lack of hood only encourages the purchase of a matching umbrella but that's not necessarily bad!

Last but certainly not least on the Winter Warmer half of this list is the all-rounder jeans, I love these as they are so stylish with the high waist and acid wash! If you're stuck for choice, a decent pair of jeans will always keep you warm and they make your bum look great- bonus!

Next up is the more glam side to Christmas- Partywear!
Lace Bust Midi Dress.
It's the family crimbo do, you want to look great but the conservative grandparents would not approve of the countless sexy numbers in the wardrobe, this laced midi will tick all the boxes, its smart,sexy and it's still very modest! 

Black Bodycon Dress in Sequin
The family do is over and it's time to get sexy for a night out with the girls! I picked this Sparkly LBD because it's perfect for winter- its gorgeous and it has sleeves! But it would also look amazing all year round with the right accessories. 

Cream Embellish Detail Peplum Dress
Finally I have picked this stunning white embellished peplum to make that night shine just that little bit more, you'll be the star of the show with tonnes of class!

I hope this wishlist has inspired you this Christmas and of course there are going to be many themed post over the next few weeks, dont forget to have a look at for all your winter bargains with dresses from only £5!

Keep Warm
Lots of Love