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Hi everyone!
So my friend and fellow blogger Laura has tagged me for a Winter Essentials Tag post! Christmas is well on its way and this post has definitely increased my excitement for the 25th!
What's your ultimate party season lip product?
I can't get enough of my BeautyUK lipstick in Plumalicious! Its a dark purpley-red colour and even on very pale skin like mine it just looks so wintery and comforting. It was a very inexpensive item for well under the £5 mark so it does transfer a little as the day goes on but it is certainly a must buy this year.
What's your essential makeup product?
BB Cream! It is important this winter to keep your skin in good condition in the cold and ruthless weather, but you still want your skin looking flawless! BB Creams are perfect for this dilemma as most of them have both colour,moisturiser and SPF- summer might be over but the sun is still there! I use a Rimmel London BB which has like 9-in-1 advantages but everyone has different needs for their skin type.
What are you most hoping to see under your tree Christmas morning?
Well I am quite interested in starting a vlogging channel, so a shiny new Samsung NXMini would be amazing.. But in more realistic terms I would love to see a new pair of dark green Dr.Martens!... I actually made my Christmas list tonight in the form of an Amazon wish list sent straight to dads Facebook :P
Name one beauty essential that's never missing from your bag during the colder months.
Cherry ChapStick. In fact even in the warmer months its always there... For me its just the perfect pick me up for my lips which are prone to quite bad dryness. I often use it before applying lipstick or after using a Lush Lip Scrub.
What are your winter weather skincare saviours?
All year round my skin just sucks, but in winter it gets so dry it actually becomes prone to flaking -gross. And if that's not bad enough after a dry spell for some reason it becomes oily? So I noticed that my moisturiser was dealing with dryness but made my skin very oily which is where I discovered H2O+ Marine Treatment Gel!!!! Which is a very very good moisturiser and practically erased my issues within 48hrs of first use and its also oil free! Say hello to perfectly balanced skin!
What's winter going to smell like this year?
Ooh for me its spiced wine and berries! They just make me feel so snuggly!
Is the berry eye the new berry lip?
No. I do special effects makeup and the Berry Eye looks I have seen look wayyyyy to similar to the effects I could make using a bruise pallete...that just puts me off.
What are your greatest winter indulgences?
Generally just way too much alcohol and a large quantity of sweets and chocolate!
Lush Christmas: Your top pick?
I couldn't possibly pick a favourite, so its gotta be the WoW! Gift box which has just about everything in it!
Name one (or more) random winter essential.
A big thick tartan scarf!!!!
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