Fresh Start

00:47 Lucy Wright 0 Comments

Hi everyone!

I have settled into a new house this month and haven't been able to blog because until now - WE HAVE HAD NO WIFI! But thankfully the nice installation man has fixed that!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, I got very spoiled with gifts including a new phone, GHD V Coral straighteners, a smoothie maker and lots of lovely things to eat,spend and wear :) Since then things have been rather stressed out *untimely family hoohahs yada yada yada* but I feel next year will be wonderful still :) 

I still really want to look into a YouTube blog but I have absolutely no idea where to start and frankly I'm afraid I'll look silly talking to a camera in an empty room so if anyone could give me a few pointers on where to start I will love you forever :)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful winter and I will be updating you all with posts very soon!

Lots of love