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Hello there everyone, I hope all of you have had a fabulous Christmas and a lovely New Year. Mine was very exciting until I realised that this will be my last year officially as a teenager as in 2016 I will become 20 and that frightened me!

Anyhoo todays haul is the first of a few that I am in the process of scheduling and creating for you guys and we are starting with a little collection of scented candles of which I purchased from the bubble of bargains that is Primark so without further ado let's ensnare our senses with scent descriptions.
This first buy is actually and oil burner which I just got to use as a tea light holder so I don't accidentally burn my house down-this actually came from poundland because my local Primark didn't seem to have any tea light holders other than the ones that you buy with the tea lights already in them where you only get one?

So my first Primark buy were these Sweet pineapple and ginger scented tea lights, one of which I used for the previous photo. These are pretty good value, there's like 30 in the pack which was only £1.30 and they burn for about 3.5 hours each so you get plenty of candle for your cash! The scent is a lot nicer than I expected, I was worried it would be overly tropical and make my room smell like some sort of tacky cocktail but it's not so bad, the pineapple hints are there along with a warm,subtle gingeryness which I am loving.

This next one is a vanilla and coconut candle in a pretty little silver jar thing, this was £2 and its supposed to give about 10 hours of burn which is pretty decent, I think this candle is very sweet and creamy scented but it takes a while for the scent to be noticeable in the room but its perfect for one of those relaxed, self indulgent baths with your favourite LUSH bath bomb ( I will be doing a mini LUSH haul/review for you guys in the very near future so stay tuned for that folks) but yes, I really like this candle, I will definitely be buying one of the bigger sizes in this scent-all of the scents I have shown are available in varied sizes/holders and some are available as oil diffusers which of course are fire hazard free!

This last candle is a larger size at up to 30 hours of burning time and it is in the scent of red berry and jasmine, this is a very feminine and girly smell and its also pink which looks oh so cute, I leave the labels on mine because I can never remember the correct scent names but they are removable to leave just the jar/holder visible. This was also only £2, I do not know how Primark prices these things like why is the 30hr and 10hr candle the same price? I do not know,I'm assuming maybe because the smaller one has a decorated holder maybe that could be it but at such a low price anyway its really not an issue, I sure wish that Yankee Candles would make their large sizes the same price as the small ones!

Overall I am pleased with the Primark candle range, especially since there are literally dozens of different scents from the pineapple-ginger ones to fresh cotton, I think there might be a bubblegum one too but you would have to confirm that for yourself.. One thing is that the scents are not strong, you do have to have the candle lit for a prolonged amount of time before you notice the scent, I found that fanning the air surrounding the candles spread it a little faster but if you have a cold don't expect any scent-sations from these things. The plus side is that they are so cheap you could just light several at once and have your home smelling great in no time at all!

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