LUSH! Haul + Hair colour opinions.

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Hi everyone!
Today I am doing another 'Mini Haul' this time for my favorite natural cosmetics store LUSH! Cosmetics < click for their website. for those that do not know, LUSH! is an all natural, cruelty free and fabulous brand which as I believe also sell a lot of vegan cosmetics so if that's your thing then you will love it. the products range from beautifully scented bath bombs, soaps and shampoos right up to solid toothpastes and their very own natural makeup and perfumes. 
I recently picked up a few products from my local store and thought I would share my opinions on these products. 

The first product is entitled the 'Brightside Bubble Bar' which is a gorgeous citrussy bath addition which you crumble under running water to make a lemony orangey bubble bath, It turns the water a lovely orange colour ( tried and tested by me it does not stain the bath,or yourself orange!) I tried this out in a steamy hot bath with a few candles and certainly felt fantastic afterwards. you only need about half of the bar for a decent amount of bubbles so if you like to get more out of your products this will make 2 large bubble baths!

Next I purchased two funky bath bombs, the first- 'Tisty Tosty' which is a delicate rose scented bath bomb ( heart shaped how cute!) with REAL rose buds inside to give you that real life floral bath that everyone on tumblr seems to be sporting right? personally I think that if they used rose petals instead of buds it would look prettier in the bath but it still has that luxurious floral feeling and certainly calms the muscles and relaxes you.
the second bath bomb is 'Space Girl' which is a blue and purple fruity fizzer with glitter in it! I believe this is made for more of a fun bathtime more than a get clean bathtime as of course, you will get glitter all over your body and hair, I love anything sparkly so that doesnt bother me in the slightest but do consider wheter you want to be a glitterbug for a day. There is also popping candy in this bomb which just crackles when you put the bomb in the water and then dissolves so you dont get sticky bits!

Last but not least is an experimental purchase, the LUSH!'s own all natural hair dye using Henna! I opted for the 'Caca Rouge' colour option as I basically wanted a bright copper colour. There are 4 options in total and the result varies on your base colour so make sure to discuss exactly what you want with a store worker so that you get your desired result as once it is done it is unwise to use chemical dyes over the top, I've heard all sorts of stories about reactions from hair getting burnt to hair turning blue so please SEEK ADVICE, I did, it worked for me. anyway, Henna hair dye is a natural dye and therefore is a lot better for your hair than chemical dye, LUSH! mix theirs with cocoa butter to add extra conditioning. As it is natural it is a lengthy process, first you melt the solid bar down to a mud consistency and apply it to the hair, once wrapping your head in cling film you leave it on for 3-6 hours depending on the strength of the desired result, but that gives it a very deep condition and allows the colour to get deep within the hair and prevents fading. 

Below you can see my before and after images, I used Caca Rouge on ash blonde hair for about 4 hours and came out with lovely vibrant copper hair!

I hope you liked this post, I have actually applied for a part time job at my local LUSH! store so if that goes well there will be a lot more reccomendations coming your way!
I have linked the titles of products to their web page in this post so make sure to check them out!

Lots of Love