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Hey guys! So I'm going to fill you in on what it is I do, currently in college and hoping to progress through uni and into my career! I study a course in Hair and Media Makeup at Level 3, which is equivalent to A Level standards. Most people think that because of the nature of my course I do beauty, this is really not the case. While we do study the basics of makeup and hair we focus mainly on the less normal themes such as photographic makeup, camouflage makeup ,airbrush makeup and my favourite and future career choice- special effects makeup!!
The variety in this is so diverse and runs from simple face paining and body art to using prosthetic products to physically alter the shape,size and texture of the worked area,in most of my photos this will be the face.
So yes, a brief outline and some photos! Hope you think they're good!
Lots of love 


Casualty Makeup: Exposed hand

Casualty Makeup: Bruised/Cut/Blisters Practice

Severed Finger Effect

This one is actually what I did on myself for Halloween

Bleeding Eyes makeup

These last 3 are from a photography shoot for Halloween where I did skull makeup on this model, the photos are by Abbey Street Studios in Derby UK.

Here's me looking dorky showing off my work..