Coming back to blogging!

15:27 Lucy Wright 0 Comments

Hey guys!

First of all I would like to wish you all a belated happy new year, I have been VERY absent recently (about 6 months I maybe we've gone beyond recently) and I am sorry about that. I have been very busy since July, I moved to Birmingham to start studying Specialist hair and media makeup at university which has been very exiting and amazing but I have had no time, especially while adjusting to all the changes which came along with it! 

The good news is that now I am all settled in and I have missed you guys. My new years resolution is to come back to blogging, hopefully I will be able to show you a glimpse of my life as a student as well as give you all the updates on new beauty discoveries and tips for a budget friendly makeup bag so that even if we are eating cold beans out of the tin, we still look fabulous doing it ;)

Another exiting piece of news is that I got anew camera for Christmas so there won't be any more unattractive mobile phone photography going down here, I'm waiting for the little gem to charge right now and then I will get busy making and queuing some great posts for the next few weeks that I hope you will love.

I hope to get a good old skincare post up this evening so watch this space!

Love Lucycles