Magnitone Lucid Unboxing! #SUMMERSKIN

15:19 Lucy Wright 0 Comments

Hey guys!
I have recently received a big box of #SUMMERSKIN from the much loved team at Magnitone and figured you guys would like to know if it is worth buying!
For those who do not know, Magnitone is a company that sells facial cleansing/exfoliating devices suitable for all skin types. The general idea is that you use the device with it's replaceable brush head when you wash your face, whether you just use water or use other cleansing products together with it!
I have received the Magitone Lucid model which has a setting for more sensitive skin, and I must say I was very impressed. For someone with dry and sensitive skin I worried about using it every day however it was actually very gentle and left my skin feeling bright and healthy.

I took a few photos of the unboxing when it arrived to show you what it looks like and how it is packaged.

( Que mega cheesy and obviously staged photographs)

^They even sent me a diary to help with content planning!

I hope you guys take a look at the site following this link: or by visiting
I also have a unique code that will get you a 20% discount online (always handy) just enter BLOVE20 at checkout!

Don't forget to follow Magitone on Twitter @magnitone and Instagram @magnitonebeauty to get your #SUMMERSKIN ready!

Lots of Love