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Hey everyone,
The time of year has just passed where Download Festival came to town ( yayy!-who else was there?)
This year was incredible with headliners Slipknot, Muse and KISS. None of which are my favorites but they all put on a great show despite the rain, I'll have to assume Muse did well as I watched Manson instead! 
For those who hadn't heard, the weather was AWFUL, it rained most of Friday and all the way through the night, soaking everyone's possessions and even drowning my friends phone for good!
(Fortunately as you will see in the photos, the rain didn't ruin what was definitely a brilliant weekend!)

This year the entire event was cashless, so we all had to pay with chipped wristbands that you could top up with cash anytime, despite my concerns the system actually worked very well for me- thumbs up Download.

We have a LOT of photos to get through now, enjoy!
I would love to see what you guys who went did too!

Face paint was used a lot this year..

And then it rained...

Clearly using alcohol to keep warm by now...

 Obligatory welly /boot star...

All dead by Sunday!

Share your photos with me on Twitter/Instagram @lucycles
(who likes the new hair?)

See you soon!
Love Lucycles