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Hey guys!
I am writing a quick post about the oh so loved Slendertox Tea detox programme! Typically you get 14 daytime teas and 7 nighttime teas (one cup every alternate night)
So many people find incredible weight loss and energy perks that I couldn't wait to try it out when kindly shipped them to me for this post! 

I started the teatox a few days after receiving it with a cup of the daytime when I woke up, it tasted a bit odd to me, I am into my sweet teas and fruit infusions but you are not meant to have it too hot so I just tried to down the lot as quickly as I could as honestly "it ain't my cuppa tea" pardon the pun!!

The weight loss effects seem to be through one way- the toilet. I found myself needing the toilet many times throughout the day and after my night cup, the night was pretty busy too. I assumed my body was just getting used to the detox so braved onto Day #2 but alas, I needed the loo all the time and had slight cramping in my stomach, I heard other people have had this so I decided to have the next day off and try again... Nope I think that made it worse.

After that I decided not to carry on as though keeping healthy is important its no good if you feel like crap all day everyday, it could just be my body's reaction, I did notice my stomach appeared less bloated just from the few days I did it so if you want to try it I say go for it! We all react differently and I definitely saw a difference in the short time I used it!

Hope this was helpful to you and hope to see you soon!
Lots of love

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  1. I really wanted to try this, my best friend used a different detox tea for a while and she loved it, but I'm slightly scared because of the cramping in your stomach :/ and you're right it's definitely not worth it if you feel like crap! Thanks for your honest thoughts lovely <3