Winter Skincare with H2O+

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Hey guys!

As promised earlier on today I have jumped straight back into blogging with this ultimate winter skincare selection from a brand I 100% swear by- H2O+ 
The collection I own is the "Face Oasis Intensive Hydration" selection which is oil free and it has SAVED my dry, dull and flaky skin. I already owned a tub of their moisturizer and was over the moon to get another tub along with the other products for Christmas. I believe it retails at about £50 for the whole set where if you buy the products individually you will end up paying more. There are other products within the Oasis range to include cleansers,body creams and exfoliators as well as separate collections to target different skin problems!
 In the set came the following products which I will name by their photos!
The whole set ( It originally came in a branded gift box)

A handy little tube of eye gel to reduce those tired peepers, its also very soothing if you are prone to itchy eyes like I am.

A hydrating mist to pop in your handbag and top up your skin during the day, not essential, but a great boost.

This is a booster for those extra dry spots you've been battling, give the bottle a shake and one pump is more than enough to wipe out those stubborn areas!

Last but not least we have the Hydrating Treatment, which I use as a daily moisturizer. This is the real miracle worker, the first time I used this I was suffering with dry, flaky and sensitive skin and within 3 days of using it all my troubles had gone away, I tried no end of products before this and now I would never look back, now that I have the set I need never look at a flake again!

Just so you know, I was not paid to do this post, I got the set as a Christmas gift and decided that everyone needs to hear about it because it saved my face and could save yours! 

Love Lucycles