Pre-Summer To Do List

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Hey guys!
So summer is fast approaching and half of us cannot cope with that. Simple. 
Today I'm going to talk about my top tips for summer preparation, I have to do this fast as I am due to finish my course at college next week and that will leave me with a 5 month long summer before heading to university in September!

1) The Battle of The Tan.
I am very pale, and don't go abroad often (last time was in 2010) so also being British I lose this battle every year, if you are in the same boat I strongly encourage you to invest in a gradual tanning moisturiser, no sunbeds guys think of your skin! I prefer gradual tanning as it appears more natural rather than slapping on some fake bake and going from pasty to three weeks in Tenerife over a 12 hour span...

2) The Wardrobe
Summer wardrobe is a pain , last years clothes are all out of fashion and last months clothes are going to slowly boil you to death. There are two ways I tend to go about this, the first is to bag up anything you aren't going to be wearing anytime soon and get it up on eBay, chances are you have a lot of items that can be repurchased next season. So sell it and use that money to buy this years trend! 
The other way is to recycle, grab last summers clothes and add some rips, acid wash, dye it, crop it, basically do some DIY to make the old look new, or in our vintage/retro world, make it look older!

3) Get a Job
Summer is long, festivals are expensive. If you haven't already, get a job for summer, there's always plenty to go around in shops and leisure parks! If its festivals you want there are many agencies that will let you work one or two shifts on site in exchange for a weekend ticket and usually the shift times will not overlap with headlining acts!

4) Plan in Advance
There's nothing worse than trying to arrange a last minute gathering with friends only to find out that they're all on holiday or visiting family hours from where you need them, in order to have a successfully social summer it is key to discuss with friends who is going to be away when and if possible arrange your meeting way in advance

5) Drink Water
We all want to party the nights away but don't forget it will be hot and dehydration is not beneficial to going at it all day and night, always have a water bottle handy to keep your body happy and smiley even on those crazy nights!

6) Get That Bikini Body
While I believe that everyone is beautiful there is nothing like summer to get you fitness motivated, and toning up is never a bad thing. Try something new and active this year, I've recently tried Zumba and had a great time! Other summer sports to try are volleyball, swimming, brisk walking.. Or even just the gym (think of the lovely air conditioning ) there are also loads of active things to do in the home or garden the possibilities are endless!

7) Try to Squeeze in a Holiday
We all lead busy lives but a holiday can work miracles on the mind and body, whether it's a quiet weekend at the seaside or a steamy stay in Tunisia if you have time for a break seize it! Don't forget to arrange early though as booking prices and availability will rocket fast!

So that is my advice! I hope you found it helpful and if you have any tips for me you are welcome to share them in the comments or via twitter @lucycles !

Stay stylish!
Lots of Love


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