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Hey guys! 
This time we are doing a full product review on the Oz Naturals Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum... Now I know what you're all thinking-" why does a 19 year old need anti-aging products? " I don't, but I heard that many of the ingredients in this product were said to be divine for all skin types and conditions so when I was approached about reviewing it I couldn't say no!
If you are reading this to discover whether it will give you your youth back then I cannot tell you, what I can tell you is what effects it had on my skin and whether or not I would recommend it to other young-uns like myself.

Let's start with the box, is simple yet professional and inside you find the serum in all its glass dropper bottle glory, a classic and simple metheod that does not displease. 
The little piece of info paper that comes with the serum tells us that it should be applied after the washing of the face and can be applied under makeup, it also recommends that you moisturise after applying. Unlike some stronger serums it is also safe to use this product daily rather than a weekly treatment.
On application #1 I understood why using a moisturiser was advised as at first I noticed my skin feeling dry, I have naturally dry skin but as I had just wanted my face I was surprised at how quickly it returned to feeling this way. I decided not to use moisturiser and simply apply my makeup so that I didn't confuse the effects of my moisturiser with the effects of the serum. I must say that I was surprised as now at the end of the day my skin feels soft and possibly slightly firmer than usual! I know these are rather important factors for anti aging products but I thought it took several days and even weeks to get results (for me its been 12 hours that's gotta be a good sign)

In the few days that I have now been using this product I am very pleased with the effects it has on my skin, it feels healthier and smoother than it would usually be after my daily routine,it is safe to say that this is definitely going to be a great addition to my routine, especially with such fast results!

You can purchase this product HERE or type http://www.amazon.com/OZ-Naturals-Hyaluronic-Neutralizing-Radicals/dp/B00DPE9EQO    into your browser!

I hope this post has been interesting for you guys!
Lots of love

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