Travels Bucket List

13:22 Lucy Wright 0 Comments

Hi everyone!
Today's post is all about travel, more specifically my top five places that I wish to go some day! Some are hot, some I have already been to and simply want to go again as an adult. Don't hesitate to comment places you want to visit, or maybe we have been to the same place!

I'm going to start of with the places I have been as a child that I want to see again now that I am a little more grown up!

First up is Paris, as a 5 year old of course all I cared about was Disney Land but now I really want to just go for a warm weekend of God food and posh hotels! 

Secondly there is Malta, I have family living over there but it's been a good 4/5 years since I went over there so for that reason it is on my list!

I've limited myself to five so that I don't drag on for hours on end so my next place is the US! I really want to find myself in a place to go on a road trip in the US driving from state to state visiting all sorts of places, I haven't quire decided on the exact details but Times Square and Disney world are likely waypoints!

Another place I have always been interested in are these tiny little islands known as the sandwich islands.. I don't know much about them except that they are very cold but who wouldn't want to go to a place named after your lunch!

Last up I would love to visit somewhere in Africa like Tunisia, somewhere new and very sunny that isn't crammed with kids and cyber family holidays.. I think for a few weeks that would be lovely, especially if I found a spa!

Why not let me know so e of your favourite places?
Lots of Love!