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If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Antigua, everyone always says its so nice!
Would you take anyone with you?
My boyf.
What is your preferred writing implement?
Multicoloured gel pens!
Favourite month and why?
December, for Christmas!
Do you have connections to any celebrities (even minor)?
Nope, the occasional meet&greet gig I suppose
Name 3 items you could pick up from where you are.
Phone,Pillow,Nail Polish
What brand logo is closest to you currently?
Jagermeister on my wristband
Do you ever play board games or other non-computer games?
Not very often but I guess I like cluedo.
A musical artist you love that isn’t well known
Anybody heard of Box of Light?
A musical artist you love that is well known
Last person you talked to, and through what you talked to them
I talked to my boyfriend via text
First colour name you can think of that isn’t in the rainbow
What timekeeping devices are in the room you are currently in?
Umm, phone, tablet, laptop, tv, wii, camera,... Theres a watch but it doesn't work!
What kind of headphones do you use?
Apple or wesc.
What musical artists have you seen perform live?
Rizzle Kicks,Scouting for Girls, T4 2009, Download 2014..
Does virginity matter to you?
Not really
What gaming consoles do you or your family own?
Xbox360, Wii x2
What pets do you have?
What’s the best job you’ve ever had?
Never had one
What magazines do you read, if any?
Inspiration behind your URL?
My real names too boring and Lucycles is just too cute to ignore!
Inspiration behind your blog title?
Favourite item of clothing?
Black Milk Marauders Map Leggings
Are you friends with any exes?
Yeah :)
Name at least one book you loved as a child.
Cathys Ring
What email service do you use?
Outlook and Google
Is there anything hanging on the walls of the room you are currently in?
Corkboard and a painting
What’s your favourite number, and why?
No idea
Earliest moment in your life you can remember?
My first nightmare
What did you have for dinner yesterday?
Chinese :p
How often do you brush your teeth?
Twice daily
What’s your favourite candy/chocolate?
Too much choice to choose!
Do you have any other blogs currently?
Couple of tumblrs,that dont get seen or used these days
If you were suddenly really hungry, what would you choose to eat?
Pesto Pasta
What fandoms would you consider yourself a part of?
If you could study anything, what would it be?
Disney studies!
Do you use anything on your lips?
ChapStick and lippy!
How would you describe your sense of humour?
What things annoy you more than anything else?
When people can see you aren't interested buy carry on talking!
What kind of position are you in at the moment?
Not sure what this means, I'm lying on my back ?
Do you wear much jewellery?
Mostly rings
Who is the leader of your country, currently?
Queen Elizabeth
Any other levels of government with leaders?
No idea..
What do you carry your money in?
Do you enjoy driving?
Havent driven yet!
Longest drive you have ever been on?
(Not me driving) family trip from Watford to Newcastle and there was a 3 hour jam in the first 10 miles..
Furthest away from home you have ever been?
How many times have you moved house?
What is on the floor of the room you’re currently in, not including furniture?
Just carpet and clothes
How many devices do you own which can access the internet?
Dont make me count we would be here all day
Is there is anything that is guaranteed to always make you happy?
Is there anything that always makes you sad?
What programs do you currently have open?
Blogger app only!
What do you associate the colour red with?
Last strong smell you can remember smelling?
Sweet and sour sauce
Last healthy thing you ate?
A tomato
Do you drink tea or coffee, and how much per day?
Coffee but not everyday
What do you associate the colour blue with?
How long is the closest ruler you can find?
What colour pants/skirt/etc are you currently wearing?
When was the last time you drank water?
Had some fruit squash yesterday
How often do you clear your browser history?
I dont
Do you believe nude photos can be artistic, rather than erotic?
Ever written fanfiction for anything?
Not really
Last formal event you attended
Not sure..
If you had to move your birthday to another date, which one would you choose and why?
May 19th, I don't know why.
Would you prefer to be at a beach or in the countryside?
Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you?
Favourite place to shop?
Ark Clothing!!
Do you have a smartphone? What kind?
What is your least favourite colour, and why?
Lilac cause' its so perdy
How do you spell grey/gray?
What difference is there between how many followers you have, and the number of blogs you follow?
A bigger difference than id like :(
How many posts do you have?How many posts have you liked?
What time is it currently?
Is there anything you should be doing right now?
Picking Strawberries at my grandmother's allotment...